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Senate Bill Approved

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Bill Goes to the Senate

Lorem Ipsum i California State Senator, Steven Bradford, introduces a bill to the state senate that, if voted on, would allow Los Angeles County to return the Bruce family property back to the Bruce family from the County of Los Angeles. This bill was set to be voted on at the senate level on April 27,…

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Justice for Bruce’s Beach

Kavon Ward, founder of Justice for Bruce's Beach committed to getting the land back to the Bruce family during a Juneteenth picnic she co-hosted at the Bruce's Beach park located in Manhattan Beach just above the original Bruce's Beach property. The picnic gave space for community healing after the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor…

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Where Is My Land Announces a New Campaign Aimed at Cleveland Clinic and the Destruction of a Once-Thriving Center of Black Commerce

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 — Today, Justice for Bruce’s Beach, the advocacy organization that sparked a successful and unprecedented return of stolen Black land in California, announced a grant to Where Is My Land, the national organization co-founded by Kavon Ward and Ashanti Martin to continue the #BlackLandBack movement. Justice for Bruce’s Beach, which was founded…

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Research, tech, advocacy

Research: Genealogical data, land and deed data, other records. Using this to piece together stories of land theft as fully as possible Tech: Building a database to make this information more accessible and help people find whether their family ever had land stolen Awareness and advocacy: Providing tools to families who want to pursue…

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About Where Is My Land

Where Is My Land is a movement dedicated to helping Black People discover, search for, identify, and reclaim land taken from them over the past 400 years. We provide free assistance to any Black families looking to reclaim their land through our technology, research, and advocacy services.

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Where Is My Land is an S-Corporation registered in the State of California. Tax deductible donations, contributions, and gifts are accepted and processed through our Fiscal Sponsor EIN number: 95-3938955.