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Morgan County, GA: Derrick Williamson, an animal activist and land owner is currently embroiled in a legal battle for access to his home and his ministry with the Hardees, a family who he once considered his chosen kin. On January 13th, 2024, Derrick and grassroots activists will take to the streets to demand justice.

“The Hardees are greedy, conniving white supremacists who invested in this young Black man’s ministry, just to renege and forcibly occupy his land,” says Kavon Ward, Founder and CEO of Where Is My Land and Justice for Bruce’s Beach.

Derrick Williamson’s extensive background in ministry and community work led to a close relationship with the Hardees, a family deeply involved in volunteer work and generous contributions to various causes. As their relationship deepened, Janet Hardee offered to gift a property valued at $1.4 million to Derrick’s ministry, The Way Dynamic Animal Therapy Encounters. Janet contributed $1M cash and they both took a mortgage on the remaining $400k. Less than a year later and against Derrick’s wishes, the Hardees attempted to sell the property.

Despite the land being deeded to The Way Dynamic Animal Therapy Encounters, where Derrick is the sole shareholder, the property has been encumbered by civil lawsuits filed by the Hardees to set aside Derrick’s deeds and deprive him of ownership.

On January 13th, 2024, Derrick Williamson, alongside the Atlanta Saddle Club, BLM757, Fred Hampton Gun Club, and Where Is My Land are hosting the “March and Ride on Atlanta”, a direct action to condemn the Hardee family and the white supremacist network that protects them.

“Clearly he was betrayed by his business partner and former friend, then betrayed by her family, then betrayed by a judge and then betrayed by another judge and police. The guy can’t get a break… And all he wants to do is take care of his animals,” commented former MSNBC anchor, David Shuster.


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