Hannah Greene


Santa Monica, CA: A little after midnight on Wednesday, March 20th, the Santa Monica City Council voted to unanimously move forward with the White family’s restitution claim.

“This is a landmark moment in the Ebony Beach Club’s journey to restitution. We are celebrating this win, but the work is far from over. We must remain vigilant and steadfast,” says Kavon Ward, CEO and founder of Where Is My Land.

In 2022, Where Is My Land began work with Connie White, daughter of Silas White, a Black entrepreneur whose dream of a Black-owned beach club was deferred. The Ebony Beach Club was created to be a safe haven for Black folks of Santa Monica however, was thwarted before it even opened its doors.

Over the past three months, Where Is My Land and the White family have relentlessly advocated for the family’s restitution claim to be acknowledged by the entirety of Santa Monica City Council. The past three city council meetings, dozens of community members and activists gathered to advocate on behalf of the family.

With Councilwoman Caroline Torosis at the helm, agenda item 16L was introduced and endorsed by both Jesse Zwick and Gleam Davis. Now approved, the motion directs the City Manager and City Attorney to both research the White’s claim and report back with recommendations in 90 days. These recommendations could include financial compensation, and transference of the land at 1811 Ocean Avenue.

“I appreciate the council for actually coming together,” Milana Davis, White’s niece told NBC4 Los Angeles. “We’re grateful for that because that has allowed us to now move forward.”