Family Hub

Looking for advocacy advice? Regional meet-ups? Interfamilial support? Join our EXCLUSIVE family hub today!

This community is designed for active Where Is My Land (WIML) families who are seeking support and guidance in their fight for restitution. As the demand for our organizational assistance continues to grow, we have created this dedicated space to cater specifically to the needs of families in the WIML pipeline.
For only $9.99/month, families can come together, share their stories, and access a supportive network of individuals who understand the challenges they face. Whether you are currently navigating legal battles, dealing with land disputes, or seeking advice on how to reclaim what is rightfully yours, this community is here to serve as your sounding board and support system.
By joining this community, you will have an opportunity to connect with families who are going through similar experiences. You can seek advice, offer support, and share resources to help one another in the fight for justice and land rights. Together, we can create a united front and amplify our voices to bring attention to your fights for repair.

NOTE: Please provide a confirmation of your payment to and a personalized invitation link will be sent to you and your family within 48 hours.