Our Mission

Demanding Long Overdue Property Justice

George Floyd could have been a millionaire. So could the descendants of the families who once owned thriving businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ditto for the descendants of the Bruce family of Manhattan Beach, California.

Yet their families did not reap the full rewards of hard work and entrepreneurship. They were deprived of the accumulation of generational wealth over time. Their land was stolen—illegally, violently—by white Americans.

These stories are the tip of the iceberg. During a time of unprecedented interest in genealogy, reparations, and social justice, Where Is My Land is determined to help Black Americans reclaim stolen land and secure restitution.

Our Imperative

  • We help Black Americans discover connections to stolen land through research, data, and technology.
  • We help families and descendants reclaim stolen land and secure restitution through traditional advocacy and digital amplification.
  • We educate the public about the hidden history of Black land theft by whites through partnerships, content, and programming.