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Aldi, CVS and Countless Commercial Properties Sit on Stolen Property in Huntsville, AL

Help Where Is My Land get justice for Carrie Matthews, a-70-year-old woman who was unlawfully kicked off of her land so greedy lawyers could continue to build their fortune. Help us remedy decades of harm inflicted by Martinson and Beason and demand that they be held accountable for their treachery.
Restore Viral TikToker's Land

Tell the Corrupt Hardee Family to Restore Viral TikToker's Land & Animal Rights

Derrick Williamson, an animal activist and land owner is currently embroiled in a legal battle for access to his home and his ministry with the Hardees, a family who he once considered his chosen kin. Sign this petition to demand the Hardees and Morgan County return Derrick Williamson’s land and animals back to him.
Wealth to the Dardens

Tell Corrupt Lawyers to Return Stolen Ancestral Land & Wealth to the Dardens

At the time of his death in 1946, JW Edwards was rumored to be the wealthiest man in all of Arkansas, an incredible feat for the son of a formerly enslaved man. Seventy-seven years later, his descendants are battling for the ancestral lands owed to them, along with the reserve of natural resources they contain. Now, Where Is My Land is joining their fight, and we hope you will, too.

Help the Jones Family of Huntsville, Alabama Get Back their land

Help us help the Jones family get the land that was the site of the Jones Family Well back from the city of Huntsville, Alabama, and the University of Alabama. Help us get financial restitution due to the family after its land and well were stolen from them through a web of lies and deceit.

Black Family Demands Repayment of Stolen Millions-Over a 70 Year Period

Help Where Is My Land as we stand in solidarity with the Washington family in their quest for restitution for the unpaid royalties resulting from a protracted and complex land ownership dispute spanning over seven decades. This petition aims to shed light on their plight and demand accountability from major oil and gas companies involved in this illicit theft of valuable minerals.

Tell the City of Livermore to Return Full Access and Property Rights to the Pearson

Ms. Pearson’s parents, Mr. Lacerial and Mrs. Opaline Pearson, were encouraged to purchase property in Livermore, California, in 1971, only to discover later that an adjacent property held a “recreational easement” that prevented them from using a portion of their own land. This easement, purportedly intended to grant shared access, has instead become a symbol of racial segregation and discrimination.

Tell Gregg County Appraisal District to Properly Reflect the Christian Family’s Ownership

“I was blessed being brought up as a military child. My vision of being able to reach back and see the struggle of my ancestors, become a part of that struggle, bring it back alive, and possibly see in my lifetime some justice for a system of injustice in Gregg County with the outcome being a victory to the injustice would make it all worthwhile.” – Debra Christian, descendant of B.C. Christian, II.

Stop Water Company from Stealing Black Family's Land & Water in San Bernardino Forest

The Power’s Family’s property is landlocked and located on Old Waterman Canyon Road in Crestline, California, overlooking the ocean and mountains.

"The Ebony Beach Club" Was Stolen by Santa Monica: Silas White's Family Needs Restitution!

Descendants of Silas White, a Black entrepreneur and founder of “Ebony Beach Club,” deserve full reparations, reclamation, and restitution NOW!

Hansberry Family, Illinois Chicago

Hansberry family-Carl Hansberry was a real estate broker and Black entrepreneur. Carl owned several properties in the Hyde Park area of Chicago and was the founder of Hansberry Enterprises. Hansberry purchased properties to help accommodate the rapidly increasing population of Black residents in need of low-rent housing.

Justice for the Moores- California knows better so the City of Richmond needs to do better

Help us help the Moore family reclaim land stolen under the cloak of eminent domain laws that disproportionally applied to Black landowners. Help us help the Moore family get back the only family home they owned, and to initiate generational wealth by passing down this family land.

Keen family, St. Charles, Missouri  

The Keen family- In the first decade of the 20th Century, the children of Eli Keen, Jr., one of the largest landowners in St. Charles County, Missouri, had their land unlawfully stolen. Due to Missouri laws making it illegal for Blacks and Whites to marry, Eli could not marry the love of his life, Phoebe. The couple lived as a married couple, including Phoebe bearing eight children with Eli. Missouri law ignored Eli’s last will leaving all of his property to his children stating Eli Keen had died, leaving no descendant capable of inheriting from him.  

Roosevelt Dye, Desha County, Arkansas

Roosevelt Dye is fighting against the racist timber company that stole land from him, which affected his family’s generational wealth and the community.

Jones Family, Huntsville, Alabama

The Jones Family-The City of Huntsville took their Land and the Willie Jones Well by eminent domain. The Land and the Willie Jones Well had been in their family since the 1870s. The Jones Family Land is currently being used as a parking lot by the University of Alabama-Huntsville. The Willie Jones Well, which was condemned as not being suitable for human consumption when owned by the Jones Family, is now providing high-quality fresh water for the City of Huntsville.